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Hawk iSPAM

Stop SpamEveryone in today’s world that has an e-mail account becomes frustrated at some point in time with the avalanche of Spam they receive. Many customers receive large amounts of unwanted and unsolicited junk mail, often with embedded pictures and videos inappropriate to the workplace. This is why we came up with our Hawk iSPAM. Hawk iSPAM is designed to help you gain back control over your inbox.

Everyone is often skeptical of new spam filtering software, and with good reason. Most spam filters are characterized by short-term success but long-term abandonment due to high maintenance, false positives, and false negatives.

With Hawk iSPAM we have found a solution that offers unique capabilities not found in any other email threat protection offering. It can be configured and deployed in a set-and-forget fashion to provide the entire user base with immediate inbox relief, and then be tailored as necessary to meet the needs of users with unique requirements.

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