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Secure and Protected NetworkAlmost every small business organization has a need to interface to the internet to do business today. All internet protection solutions are not created equally. Understanding risk and keeping the network safe from rapidly evolving threats is considered a top priority for every business. Despite firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion detection solutions, organizations continue to lose time and money to security incidents caused by network vulnerabilities. According to CERT, 99% of attacks exploit known vulnerabilities.

For the internet interface, Hawk iNTRUDETECT enables organizations to monitor the vulnerability management process, track remediation and ensure policy compliance through comprehensive reporting.

Delivered as a service over the web, Hawk iNTRUDETECT eliminates the burden of deploying, maintaining, and updating vulnerability management software or implementing ad-hoc security applications. Hawk iNTRUDETECT offers proactive network protection through lifecycle vulnerability management, including asset discovery, asset prioritization, vulnerability assessment & analysis, remediation, verification and policy compliance. The on demand solution reliably scales to handle the largest, most complex, and globally distributed networks. Best of all, Hawk iNTRUDETECT can be deployed today and is included with each Hawk iLAN deployment.

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