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Windows 7

  • Boosted Speed.  No Windows OS is as fast as Windows 7 in terms of performance and speed.
  • Updates of Device Drivers.   automatically update all the device drivers of the hardware installed in PCs.
  • Jumplists. shortcuts that spring up with just a right click or an upwards swipe of the finger on the Taskbar icon. These are shortcuts of different applications that make things easier for users by giving users a list of recently accessed files. Plus you can add favorite files and links for every application.
  • User Account Control. Windows 7 allows you to control how often you want to see the "Are You Sure ?" messages every time you open a program.
  • LCD and Big Screen friendly.  The text and other onscreen items can be boosted to 150% of their normal size making it more readable and by just pressing Windows + P brings up a popup menu that has options to duplicate, extend or transfer your desktop on a second screen. Much easier to connect to Projectors, use dual screens, etc.
  • Peek, Shake and Snap your way. Tweaks in graphical user interfaces such as being able to peer past all open windows, shaking your mouse to make things disappear in your desktop and resizing open windows by simply dragging them to the edge of the screen are effective ways to make the your experience better.

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